Herons of La Crosse

Artist: Various Artists
Location: Pump House Regional Arts Center Courtyard, and elsewhere throughout the city

Herons of La Crosse Sculptures, a public art project organized by the Pump House Regional Arts Center in 2008, celebrates art and community with unique heron sculptures, each over 6′ tall, crafted into works of art by local artists.


Herons of La Crosse - Sculptures

Pump House Regional Arts Center

In celebration of the new trompe l’eoil mural and of the successful inaugural Artspire La Crosse, 17 of the original 36 “Herons of La Crosse” have been removed from storage and are once again on display throughout select locations in La Crosse and Onalaska, plus the 2 that are permanently on display in the Pump House courtyard.

“Herons of La Crosse” began in 2008 and was an immediate hit among residents and visitors alike. The project inspired cooperation and created lasting connections between businesses, artists, and community members, while also promoting La Crosse as a recognized arts city and an acclaimed tourist destination.

Visit the Herons! – See 2014 Herons Map