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Mary Cody's Restaurant

Mary Codys Restaurant and Maggie’s Lounge is a place where comfort and classic dining meet. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, locally renowned chef Mary Cody offers gastropub cuisine, putting a classic twist on your favorite comfort foods. If you’re looking for fine food in a casual, cozy atmosphere, this is the place to go.

Restaurant Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 7AM – 9PM
Sunday 7AM – 2PM

Lounge Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 7AM – 12PM
Happy Hour 4-6PM
Mary Cody makes every day a celebration!

Whether dining in, hosting a private party or catering out for business lunches or special events, Mary Cody makes every day a celebration with seasonal ingredients, novel cuisine and flavors to savor.

205 Main Street
Onalaska, WI  54650

Reservations & Catering
(P) 608-519-2200


Mary Cody's Restaurant