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La Crosse Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in La Crosse is celebrating 50 + years of the best family activities, including the Maple Leaf Parade, carnival rides, ethnic foods, authentic German entertainment, national entertainers, children’s acts, as well as local and regional country, pop, blues and rock groups.

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Approximately 5,000 miles and over 150 years of history provide the only major differences between La Crosse, Wisconsin and Munich, Germany during late September and early October each year. This time of year both Munich and La Crosse are filled with “merrymaking” and a carnival atmosphere known in both cities as Oktoberfest.

This signature event allows Oktoberfest patrons to spend the opening evening of Fest sampling a variety of craft beer styles and ultimately vote for their favorite brew of the night. Historically, this event has seen over 500 attendees and continues to grow each year!

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