It’s time to celebrate all things dairy.

West Salem, which is located just 15 miles northeast of La Crosse, does its June Dairy Days up right, featuring a parade, lots of music, a classic car show, fireworks and more.

So eat up those cheese curds. Pick out your favorite ice cream. Ignore any possible lactose intolerance for a weekend (invest in some Beano if you have to). And if you want to immediately negate the calories consumed, there is a Fun Run and a Bike Tour for the active set.


Here are five reasons to consider attending June 2-4:


1. Kids will have a great time.

Inflatables are a big draw for families these days, and June Dairy Days has unlimited inflatable play for the price of a $10 wristband. Once the youngsters get their fill of jumping and running crazy (if that’s even possible), there are other appealing activities like water balloon games and Big Wheel races and a kids tractor pull. It kind of makes you want to be a kid again — at least until you get soaked by a water balloon, that is.


2. Catch some big slabs.

Are you a fishing addict? Do you tend to skip family time with your children because the Bluegills are calling? June Dairy Days is the perfect opportunity to mix fishing pleasure with family as it offers the third annual Bluegill and Crappie Fishing Tournament on Lake Neshonoc. Simply pay a small entry fee ($5 per person or $10 per family) and show the youngsters how it’s done. Winners will receive prize money and get their names posted in Village Park. Just promise you won’t get mad if you are out-fished by an eight-year-old. It happens.


3.  Adult Co-ed Kickball.

Yes, I was one of those elementary school kids who had no athletic skills growing up, but I didn’t even care that the kickball pitcher would call all the outfielders to come in closer when it was my turn to kick. I would just picture the face of one of those meanies on the ball and kick my little heart out. Every once in a while – not often enough, but it happened – even a non-athlete could connect with her inner passion and frustration and send that red rubber ball flying into orbit. Even rarer — but also notable — she might catch one of those fiery balls kicked by the unstoppable Thalacker boys and proudly wear the pink outline of the ball on her arms for the rest of recess. June Dairy Days has adult co-ed kickball all weekend. Need I say more?


4.  The Not-So-Newlywed Game. 

I have no idea what this game involves, but the name alone makes me want to watch it. I think they should ask couples who have been married 20 years or more questions about their first dates. What was she wearing? What did he order for dinner? Or maybe they should ask for specific details about that long-ago wedding ceremony? What type of flowers did the bridesmaids carry? Who were the ushers? Who doesn’t revel in the idea of watching long-time married couples turn into the Bickerson’s when they provide different answers to silly, non-important questions? I know it would make my marriage feel more normal.


5. Live music and food.

Like any good Coulee Region festival, June Dairy Days has plenty of food, beer and music. There is even a cheese tent. Local bands being featured are: The Allnighters, a four-piece band that plays rock, country and alternative music; and Last Call, featuring party rock from the 1980’s. Big hair is not required during this event, but it would surely be appreciated.

2017 June Dairy Days

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