The 18th Annual Pearl Street Brewery Winter Ball will be held February 10-11, 2017


It’s time to break up the winter doldrums.

Baby, it’s cold outside. And winter’s not over yet – we’ve got plenty of more time to put in. Luckily, Wisconsinites don’t stop living just because our instincts tell us to stay indoors. We still want to see our friends. We drink locally brewed beer. We dance to the music.

The 18th Annual Pearl Street Brewery Winter Ball will be held February 10 and 11 at the brewery, which is located at 1401 Saint Andrew Street, inside the old La Crosse Rubber Mills building. This event is sure to offer food, beer, music and fun.

If you are 21 years or older, here are five reasons you should attend:

1. Try new beer.

The brewery likes to introduce new beer during this event, and since it is constantly evolving its beer production, there’s no telling what they will serve and how long it will be available. Limited edition beer keeps things interesting. They’ve done Applefest Appleweizen in the fall featuring locally grown Honeycrisp apples; and they’ve done Smokin’ Hemp Porter to celebrate the unofficial holiday on April 20 (I’m not sure if the hemp is also local).

2. The stories behind the beer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there are some brilliant marketers at the Pearl Street Brewery. As consumers, it’s fun to sample each beer and discuss its name and alcohol content. Ever had Pearl Street Brewery’s Rubber Mills Pils? This heartily hopped pilsner is a nod to those who worked in and occupied the old Rubber Mills factory long before Pearl Street Brewery made its home there. Each of Pearl Street’s brews have a story, guess you’ll just have to try them all to find out more.

3. Eat some tasty food. 

The menu for this event is not finalized as I write this, but organizers promise to list the food that will be featured on the event’s Facebook page as soon as they are able. Just know there will be some stellar beer and food pairings involved. Will they present a pale ale with a cheeseburger? Will they partner a hearty barbeque with an oatmeal stout? Maybe a slice of salmon to accompany a pilsner? Or a wheat ale to compliment a vegetable dish? Become an aficionado or sorts and attend. Last year, attendants had a five-course meal of food and beer pairings.

4. Dance to live music. 

Live music is important to the Pearl Street Brewery. After all, it has been advertising a limited edition IPA collaboration with the local band, T.U.G.G. for a couple of months now. It’s called Westconsin Coast Skank, and I’m not sure how long it will be available. Last year, four bands played during this event. Live music is a feature of almost every Pearl Street Brewery experience. Who doesn’t love to drink a brewski and boogie to the music?

5. Free shuttles. 

Responsible drinking is very important. Don’t drink and drive. If you can’t find a designated driver or don’t want to call a cab, watch for more information about free shuttles. Last year, the brewery offered free shuttles from a couple of different locations in the city. If you were a La Crosse college student or lived anywhere near the three college campuses, there was a way to get free, safe transportation quite easily. Just partner the free brewery shuttle with the city’s free Municipal Transit Utility Safe Ride Program and you are golden. A major in rocket science is not necessary.


To learn how to buy tickets to the Pearl Street Brewery Winter Ball (they go on sale Jan. 3), visit the Pearl Street Brewery Winter Ball Facebook page. To learn more about the brewery and its unique beers, head to its Web site at