We asked, and you answered. Over 1,800 La Crosse County residents and visitors nominated finalists for the Best of La Crosse County 2015, and more than 8,000 participated in the final voting. You weighed in on everything from auto repair to tattoo parlors, and now we have the results. See the full list of winners at http://explorelacrosse.com/bestof.

Here are your picks for Best Brewery/Brewpub.

1. Pearl Street Brewery

Once again, Pearl Street Brewery takes a landslide victory in the Best Brewery/Brewpub category, collecting over 75% of the vote. For over 15 years, PSB has enjoyed a monopoly on the craft beer market in La Crosse, and they’ve made the most of it, appealing to blue collar beer drinkers and discerning aficionados alike as they continue to extend their reach across the state. There’s hardly a tavern in town that doesn’t have a Pearl Street brew or two on tap, and the brewery’s regular tasting room hours, live music, and community-focused events like the Tour de Pearl and Winter Ball — not to mention a flat-out high quality product — make it a highly visible and popular brand in the area. PSB’s success has prompted plans for expansion, and just in time: a new challenger has arrived with Turtle Stack Brewery (3rd place), who will seek to carve out their own niche in the craft brew scene. By the time the Best of La Crosse County 2016 rolls around, they’ll have had a whole year to establish themselves. 

Visit www.pearlstreetbrewery.com for news on upcoming events, new brews, and more. 

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Best of La Crosse County 2015