We asked, and you answered. Over 1,800 La Crosse County residents and visitors nominated finalists for the Best of La Crosse County 2015, and more than 8,000 participated in the final voting. You weighed in on everything from auto repair to tattoo parlors, and now we have the results. See the full list of winners at http://explorelacrosse.com/bestof.

Here are your picks for Best College Bar.

1. Howie’s on La Crosse

Howie’s was voted Best College Bar in La Crosse County for the second straight year, winning by nearly 700 votes. Brother’s and the Eagle’s Nest finished second and third, respectively, separated by just two votes.

Howie’s has long been a popular destination for college students and locals alike. Their large menu and daytime hours make them a great family-friendly lunch spot, plus they have great happy hour specials, a wide range of tap beers and cocktails, and regular events like live music, comedy, and trivia that all make it one of La Crosse’s favorite nightlife locales. Visit www.howiesonlacrosse.com to find out what’s on the menu, check daily specials, and check out the events calendar.

Best of La Crosse County 2015