We asked, and you answered. Over 1,800 La Crosse County residents and visitors nominated finalists for the Best of La Crosse County 2015, and more than 8,000 participated in the final voting. You weighed in on everything from auto repair to tattoo parlors, and now we have the results. See the full list of winners at http://explorelacrosse.com/bestof.

Here are your picks for Best Cinema.

1. Rivoli Theatre & Pizzeria

Every town should have an old movie house, a place where nostalgia and great value go hand in hand, and La Crosse has that in spades. “The Riv” repeats as the county’s favorite movie theater on the strength of its affordable tickets and concessions, full menu of pizza, sandwiches, wine and beer, and ice cream, and that feeling that, no matter what movie you’re there to see, being at the Riv feels a bit like stepping into the past. See what’s playing (and what’s on the menu!) at www.rivoli.net.

Best of La Crosse County 2015