Branches Winery is first in Midwest to package wine in single serving cans —
offering Wisconsin wine in a cooler-friendly format for outdoor and sports enthusiasts

Westby, WI – May 1, 2017 – Branches Winery has become the first winery in the Midwest to can wine, joining only a handful of wineries across the country who offer wine in single-serving cans. This innovation makes it possible for consumers to enjoy wine where glass bottles are impractical or are not allowed. Branches’ Moxie Moscato and Roxie Rose’ are the first of the winery’s products to be packaged in 8.4oz cans (sold in boxes containing four cans).

Wine lovers are now able to sip wine while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. “On boats, beaches, golf courses, at sporting venues, for camping and backyard parties, enjoying delicious Wisconsin wine just became easier,” according to Therese Bergholz, Branches Winery owner. “When hearing of our plans to can wine, our customers immediately saw the advantages of cooler-friendly wine. Their interest is wide ranging…brides want to serve these wines at outdoor weddings and canoe enthusiasts want to sip while paddling local rivers and lakes.”

“Our canned wines are not weak-flavored, low alcohol spritzers. Ours deliver the quality that wine drinkers demand,” according to Gene Bergholz, Branches Winery owner and winemaker. Both wines contain 11% alcohol, identical to their bottled counterparts. Moxie Moscato is a proprietary blend of the popular moscato grape and Branches’ estate-grown cold climate grapes; Roxie Rose’, made from the Catawba Rosa grape, features a classic fruity aroma and flavors. “Both of these wines are very popular, especially in the hot summer season. They are sweeter wines but are still refreshing because of their clean, crisp finish.” These are now available at the winery with their initial wholesale launch at retail venues throughout southwest Wisconsin beginning mid-May.

In addition, this product is designed for consumers who enjoy wine on an infrequent basis. Bergholz went on to explain that many consumers do not want to open a bottle of wine, pour just one or two
glasses, and then reseal it due to the flavor degradation which occurs after just a short time in the refrigerator. “With our new product, each can offers delicious, fresh wine and ends up being more economical because there is no waste. Restaurants and bars often face the same dilemma with wine, a problem these cans easily solve.”

It has been a two-year journey to develop and launch this product. From identifying state-of-the art canning and materials technology that ensure the quality of the wine, to working with the federal government on label/packaging approvals, the process has been long and daunting. “Whenever you are among the first to market, you know it won’t be smooth sailing,” Gene Bergholz continued. “But the positive feedback we have received inspired us to move forward with the project.”

The canned wine features 100% recyclable aluminum containers, which will be easy to recycle along with other beverage cans at outdoor venues. This eco-friendly, green packaging can be recycled and
returned to the store shelf as a new can in as few as 60 days.


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Branches Winery is a small, family-owned boutique winery that founded in 2012. It is located in southwest Wisconsin, southeast of La Crosse. Currently in its fifth year of operation, Branches produces award-winning wine primarily from its 13 acres of estate-grown cold-climate grapes and Wisconsin cranberries and cider. The winery and vineyard address is E6796 Old Line Road, Westby, WI and is easily be found just off Hwy 14/61 at Cut-A-Cross Road.

Spring hours through May 26th are Friday and Saturday 1PM – 7PM and Sunday 1PM – 6PM. Expanded summer hours and outdoor wood-fired pizzas begin Memorial Day weekend. For wholesale inquiries, please contact the winery. For more information call 608-634-9463 or visit htttp:// or

Therese Bergholz
Owner, Branches Winery
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