Dining  in a town known for it’s beer can’t help but have great pub food, pizza, and of course that old Wisconsin favorite: cheese curds! You’ll also find top-quality fine dining, classic family diners and supper clubs, and a diverse array of ethnic restaurants, including Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, and Creole. Whatever your fancy, we’ve got you covered.

Wineries, vineyards and breweries in La Crosse add to the attraction of the area. Wisconsin might not be known for its wine, but several local vineyards now specialize in producing unique vintages made from locally-grown fruit, including hardy varieties of grape developed at the University of Minnesota especially for cold-climate wine production. There also excellent variations on mixed fruit wines, featuring cranberry, cherry, and strawberry blends. The rolling bluffs and riverlands make for some of the most beautiful vineyard settings imaginable, so don’t miss the chance for an unforgettable afternoon of sipping wine and enjoying the scenery. Oh, and in case you forgot, there’s beer here, too. Head down to Pearl Street Brewery for some award-winning microbrews!

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