Drink of the Month - Mango Bubble Tea

By: Sara Walters

A trip down Pearl Street in La Crosse can take you to a number of delicious places.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, fruity beverage, stop in to Dim Sum Tea Shop for a Mango Bubble Tea. As the name suggests, Dim Sum offers a wide variety of teas, as well as food, tea wares, tea tastings and classes.

Recommended as one of the most ordered menu items, the Mango Bubble Tea is a cold tea served over ice, mixed with mango and accented by pearls of tapioca (or bubbles, as they are known). It’s a popular treat from Taiwan that has become increasingly well known around the world.

The drink comes with a wide straw, so most sips include a gelatinous bubble, which adds a chewy component to the beverage. The to-go glass at Dim Sum is large and with the pudding portion, it’s a filling treat. Plus at under $4.00, it’s also an affordable option.

For some, the change in texture from juice to jelly may be an acquired taste. But the Mango Bubble Tea has much more depth than a standard smoothie while still offering the same refreshing fruit flavor.

It’s not just the beverages at Dim Sum that make it is a satisfying experience, it’s also the service. For those who are new to tea, the staff is helpful and friendly, offering suggestions and ordering tips. It’s also speedy, so you can grab a drink on your break or while out enjoying downtown La Crosse

Dim Sum also offers other Bubble Tea flavors as well as a smoothie option, which is similar yet features blended ice. More traditional leaf teas are also available. And of course, there is Dim Sum food to sample with your drink of choice. The menu offers a variety of dumplings and rolls, among other things.

Dim Sum Tea Shop is open daily and is located at 221 Pearl Street.

Sara Walters

Sara Walters

Sara Walters is a writer, mom and marketing professional. She lives in La Crescent, MN with her husband and two daughters, Caroline and Maggie.