by Dylan Wevers
Avid Disc Golfer

By Dylan Wevers Avid Disc GolferI’d like to start by saying that overall the Pettibone disc golf course is one of the best free disc golf courses that I have ever played. The surrounding area has a few different disc golf options such as in Hokah, MN at Twin Creeks or just south of Sparta at Justin Trails Resort. However, both of those places you have to pay to play and the only other disc golf course you can play for free is in Onalaska at Rowe Park and that course plays shorter than mini golf. Therefore if you want a quality course for free in this area there is only one logical choice.

Pettibone has a very interesting design in which the front nine is much more heavily wooded and forces some rather common and yet challenging lines to throw. The back nine however, is almost completely wide open. The tenth hole hardly has even one tree that could be an issue before you reach the pin. Even though the back nine plays fairly open and would seem simple it is unusually difficult and fun. But why don’t I just give a brief overview of each hole. Let us start by understanding that this course should be played as a par three course in which each hole is only a par three.

1. The perfect hole for a long “S” curve RHBH with the pin curiously tucked into its own small area surrounded by wood

2. Somewhat open forcing you to be creative in your approach

3. The perfect hole for that one disc that always turns over every time you actually give it the beans (the hole is wide open until the end and bends right)

4. Woods to the right. Woods to the left. The pin is behind the woods to the right. Good luck

5. Woods on each side with a narrow fairway and a slow bend to the left.

6. Short but tricky. Its hard to get past the first line of trees but if you do its open to the hole

7. Beautiful placement of trees to allow for a couple different shots without having terrible consequences

8. A small lane to hit to try and get your disc to take full right turn halfway down the fairway

9. There is no lane to hit. Good luck. But really… no lanes, just trees. And yet somehow totally possible to birdie this hole. Its fun

10-16. They are all open and allow for pretty much any throw. There isn’t much for lanes forcing specific throws. But they are all next to water.

17. Short. Like hardly 200 ft. easy birdie right? Except for the 6 feet wide tree immediately in front of the pin.

18. Truly gorgeous and throws onto a peninsula.

The only downside to this course, which is unavoidable because it sits in the middle of the great Mississippi, is the complete lack of elevation. This course fully makes up for the lack of hills with the incredible view of the Mississippi along with Riverside Park just across the pond. Also the maintenance is some of the best I have seen with the grass never growing to long and all trails and fairways are cleaned up and kept open.

Pettibone is fun. Very fun. I am proud to call it my home course and even after hundreds of rounds I still find it fun and exciting each time I play with new challenges each time I play.