Founded by fur traders in the late-18th century, and further settled and incorporated by lumber barons in the mid-19th. Today, our communities are defined by so much more than a single industry: world-class medical facilities, three highly regarded post-secondary institutions, rich and diverse cultural arts offerings, and so much more.

But through all of this, you’ll find that our communities have maintained a deep connection to their historical and geographic roots. Our towns and homes are built around the hills, forests, and waterways that define the region–it’s harder to find that city/country divide which is so apparent in other places. Here, you can chase a morning bike ride through the marsh with a day of shopping at a variety of a popular, upscale, and independent retailers. Then take a quick hike up the bluffs for a picnic with a view, followed by an afternoon visiting the local breweries, vineyards, and cider houses. A diverse array of fine dining options awaits you for dinner; then complete your evening with cocktails, a show, or a twilight cruise on the river. Each thing only a few miles (at most!) from the last . . . and that’s just one day.

La Crosse County attracts over two million visitors every year. The region’s stunning landscape comes with abundant recreational opportunities, from every imaginable water sport to hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and more. La Crosse County offers an excellent variety of shopping, dining, and hospitality options, and the area boasts a rich cultural scene for lovers of art, music and theatre. Perfect for a weekend visit or two-week vacation. La Crosse County has something for everyone!