The Torta Ahogada ( drowned torta ) is a famous sandwich from the Mexican state of Jalisco, particularly in the city of Guadalajara. It was said to be accidentally invented in the early 1900s. The story goes that Don Ignacio “Nacho” Saldaña was in his 30s when he started working for Luis De La Torre. De La Torre’s father, Saldaña says, was a vendor in one of the city’s central plazas, selling ordinary tortas. One day, Saldaña recounts, a customer requested a little bit of spicy salsa on his torta, but the senior De La Torre accidentally dropped the whole torta in the container. “You drowned it!” the customer cried, before eating it anyway. And the rest is history. Traditionally it is a roasted pork filling drowned in a salsa de Arbol. – Chef Jorge Guzman

States of America – Hmong Refugee to Wisconsin

Xong was born in a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand but moved to Wisconsin as a child after her family couldn't safely return to Laos following the Vietnam War. There she grew up as part of a large influx of twice dislocated Hmong refugees who were not...

Lueth Park Pump Track (Video)

Watch an amazing group of volunteers transform an idea into reality to make a city healthier, happier, and stronger by creating the Lueth Park Pump Track in La Crosse, Wisconsin...more at

Socks, Sandals and Pole Vault (Video)

In this episode, I was joined by my good friend Jeremiah Burish from the Explore La Crosse. Jeremiah prides himself on doing things a little differently, from Pole Vaulting to socks with sandals, he has definitely carved out a unique identity in the kayak...