Designing JewelersDesigning Jewelers, located at 314 4th Street South, has gone through a complete transformation over the past 17 years. Al and Brenda, the stores owners, have made a commitment to restoring their space to its original look and feel, a commitment that is driven by the same passion to continue the renovation of downtown La Crosse.
“We live in a spectacular town, and I want everyone to know about it and appreciate it,” said Al Louis. “I love La Crosse and its rich history and natural beauty. I have made several changes to my store in the hopes that I can add to the beauty of downtown and give the people of La Crosse a location they can be proud of.” 
Designing Jewelers 
With an appreciation of La Crosse’s deep rooted history and a desire to restore and reshape the city, Al and Brenda have taken many steps to restore the Designing Jewelers building to its former glory. In 2008, the building went through a major remodel. After removing several walls to reveal the original brick and knocking down a number of false ceilings to discover and revive the original tin ceiling, the building took on the persona Al and Brenda had always wanted to see in Designing Jewelers.
“People that stop in now don’t believe the transformation the building went through,” said Mr. Louis. “My biggest surprise was the ceiling. We knocked though a couple different ceilings to get to the original metal. The amazing thing is—it was in great shape! It is hard to imagine why someone would cover it up.”
The most recent change to Designing Jewelers has been its storefront. The new look harkens back to the good old days and has an inviting warm feel for anyone walking or driving by. The Designing Jewelers team is excited about their newly updated space and hopes the trend of revitalization in downtown La Crosse continues.
“I hope to see continued investments in our city,” said Mr. Louis. “We have an opportunity to truly create a great city and I am happy that I can add to its success.”