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Hidden Hills

Are you looking for some family fun? How about a little time away from the hustle and bustle of city life? If that’s you, then come out to Hidden Hills. Here you will be able to explore our farm, feed our animals, walk our trails, see some critters, attempt our obstacle course (built by an army veteran), play a game of paintball in our 5-acre wooded course, have a campfire picnic, or just visit our home-made craft and candy store. You must try our fresh Amish donuts, you won’t be disappointed. We even have a pile of dirt for the youngins to play in.


If this sounds like fun, then scurry on over, we’d be happier than a butcher’s dog to see ya. Hidden Hills is located down a dead-end road between Lacrosse and Stoddard WI. We are only a ten-minute drive from Goose Island Campground, and 15 minutes from La Crosse, up County K. It is a pretty drive and prettier yet for cyclists.

S 1441 Sobkowiak Ln,
Stoddard, WI 54658

(608) 483-3442

Hidden Hills