Special program at the International Owl Center:Real Life Great Horned Owl Soap Opera

Real Life Great Horned Owl Soap Opera
August 6 & 7 at 2:00 PM
International Owl Center, Houston, MN

First Victor evicted Wendell and Wheezy from their own territory. Then Wheezy got sick and died so Victor and Virginia ran Wendell off. When Rusty and Iris moved in, Scarlett Owl Hara showed up to try to steal Rusty and kill Alice. Virginia died, Hagar and Helga moved in, Helga disappeared and Jill left Jack for Hagar. If this sounds like a soap opera, it is! But it’s a real life, true-as-true-can-be owl soap opera that has taken place just outside of Houston.

Karla Bloem, Executive Director of the International Owl Center and leading authority on Great Horned Owl vocalizations, watched this drama unfold as part of her vocal study on the species. The presentation involves audio and video footage of these captive and wild owls. Alice the Great Horned Owl will be present to tell her side of the story too.

This program is included in the regular admission fee to the Owl Center: Adults, $5; kids 4-17, $3; kids 3 and under and members are free. For more information, contact the Center at 507-896-6957 or karla@internationalowlcenter.org.