There is no need to go to Israel to see an Old Testament Tabernacle; Living Waters Bible Camp in Westby, Wi. is creating a full-size replica that will be open to the public for tours starting June 2014.

“The most interesting structure ever built was not the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China, but the Tabernacle of God assembled over 3,000 years ago,” said Dr. Theo Habel, “and soon will be possible to tour a full-scale model of the tabernacle at Living Waters. There is no other like it in the Midwest.”

Tours of the tabernacle will be given by a guide dressed in the colorful garments of the ancient high priest, who explains the history, construction, purpose and spiritual significance of the tabernacle.

For more information about the tabernacle or to make arrangements for a guided tour, please contact LWBC at:

Phone: 608-634-4373
Website: Visit the Midwest Tabernacle!